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You're in a trip with friends or family,and as usual you are the photographer for the trip. And after you are back from the trip. You check your gallery just to see that you are not in a single photo during the trip. We know that many of you must have experienced the same.
But we have a damn good solution for it!


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avaliable in TWO colors- Golden and Grey!

We'll be reviewing this amazing mono pod and bluetooth button below!

So lets start with what's included in the package.

The package comes with a 
  • Storage bag for carrying it easily.
  • Smart selfie stick
  • Guarantee card 
  • and Usage Manual.

This selfie stick has an aluminium alloy body which is lighter weighing just 0.300 kg and easy to carry!

Main Features:
Bluetooth 3.0 remote control selfie monopod 
Bluetooth connection distance : 10 meters
Detachable remote control shutter, can be used on the stick or be detached to use
Phone holder spread limits: 5.4 - 9 cm
A lanyard as a safeguard for your phone
Foam handle make it more comfortable to grip

This stick comes with several buttons which helps to switch the camera,zoom in or zoom out , Shutter button and a video switch.Now no more handling your phone while taking a selfie.Its convinient to just press the keys and click the image you want! Isnt it easy ?
Also changing the front to rear camera is just a button away.

The aluminium aloy rotary is extendable and durable for a long time. It can stretch up to 90cm,so that you can squeeze a lot more people in your selfies!

Get any angle you want just by rotating the stick! This is lot convenient for capturing time lapses!

Going somewhere? just drop this Rock Bluetooth Selfie stick anywhere in your bag.Its portable!

The shutter can be detachable so that it can act like a shutter remote!.
The stand has an international standard connector which compatible with all tripods.

The stick has a sponge handle so that your hands can be steady without shaking it!. It helps to increase the image stablisation drastically! Mostly usefull for capturing videos!.

You can connect the stick to your iphone or android device through bluetooth or you can install the Rock Shutter App for easy access!

You can download the App by following the instructions below!

You can find this product on Gearbest.com with free shipping
Here's the link!

Here is the price of the selfie stick :- $15.59

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